Below, the public transport routes from “Moskovsky” railway station and from “Strigino” airport of Nizhny Novgorod to the conference venue are presented. Also, taxi service is available.



Public Transport

1. “Moskovsky” railway station → University campus

From public transport stop “Ploshad’ Revolucii” (Revolution Square) to “Lobachevsky University” stop: buses 26, 43, 80 (via Kanavinskii bridge) and shuttle bus 3 (via Metro bridge).


2. International airport “Strigino” → “Lobachevsky University” stop

Route 1. From public transport terminal “Airport” to “School 37” stop: buses 11, 20, shuttle bus 29. From “School 37” stop to “Lobachevsky University” stop : shuttle bus 81.

Route 2. From public transport terminal “Airport” to “Park Kultury (Park of Culture) Metro Station" stop: buses 11, 20, shuttle bus 29. By metro from “Park kultury” station to “Gor’kovskaya” station (switch line at “Moskovskaya” station). From public transport stop “Gor’kovskaya Metro Station” to “Lobachevsky University” stop: buses 1, 68, trolleybus 31, shuttle buses 97, 47.

Public transport fares is 20 RUR (at the beginning of 2017).




Fares: from “Moskovsky” railway station to University campus: 100-250 RUR, from “Strigino” airport to University campus: 500-800 RUR.

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